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Carriage Usage after Violet Town Collision

Contract 2904-1967-8 was issued to Commonwealth Engineering at Granville with delivery commencing early in 1968. Some cars were stored in NSW awaiting completion of the contract and the through standard gauge line. After the Violet town collision involving the a number of the stored cars were placed on loan to the Victorian Railways for operation as replacement cars on the Southern Aurora.

On Saturday 8.2.1969 the south bound Southern Aurora was formed from Commonwealth Railways cars that were stored in Sydney. The consist was PHN 2361, LAN 2347, BRJ 222, ARM 251, BRJ 223, AFC 238, DF 232, ARM 254, ARM 252, BRJ 221, NAM 2338 and MHN 2366. The second class BRJ cars were used as first class roomette cars with only single occupancy of the compartments.

For all the Commonwealth cars this was their inaugural run, yet the official date many of the cars entered service is recorded as being some months later, when they actually entered service on Commonwealth Railways trains.

Other cars used on the Southern Aurora include: HGM 205, ARJ 242, ARJ 243, ARJ 244, ARL 246, ARL 248, ARL 249.