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ComRails uses the PPWIZARD pre-processor to build all it's HTML pages. It's a great program that allows me to write programs in the REXX language that simplify the maintenance of this complex site. It also enables me to be able to use the same source code to produce both HMTL and Latex code so that I can offer Comrails as a web site or printable PDFs.

The author, Dennis Bareis describes the program as:

What is PPWIZARD? It is a free generic text manipulation tool which most people use as a html preprocessor. It is powerful and yet easy to use. If you know what server side includes are then you could think of PPWIZARD as a "super SSI". Preprocessors allow you to easily include external files (to include html files such as common html headers, footers or navigation) or perhaps to include the result of external commands or SQL queries. They also enable more complex things such as defining email and web addresses in one location and reusing these throughout your site or creating more complex macros which can make decisions for themselves as to how html should be generated. PPWIZARD also allows for data import in various formats (e.g. SQL from a large number of databases including MS Access, CSV, fixed and other formats).

You can get additional information and download PPWIZARD at

So if you want to see what the source code for ComRails looks like, click on the following link to download it. It's released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

If you find the code usefull, then why not let me know. I can be contacted via email address

Some of the code I've written that is included in the zip file performs the following: