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Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms


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Tea and Sugar
The Tea and Sugar train was a service that operated between Port Augusta, South Australia and Parkeston, Western Australia. The train provided the basic needs of the railway staff living in the remote regions through which the train operated. It commenced operation in 1915 during construction of the line and eventually endup with a number of specialised vehicles, including at butcher car, retail store car, community service car, and pay car.

The last west bound Tea and Sugar train departed Port Augusta on Wednesday 28th August 1996, whilst the last east bound departed Parkeston on Friday 30th August 1996. The service was withdrawn because of the decline in the number of rail workers living living in the remote regions the train serviced.

Track Gauge
The distance between the inner faces of the rail of a railway track. In Australia the main gauges are broad, narrow and standard.
Trailer Car
A passenger vehicle in a multiple unit train which has no traction power equipment.
See State Transport Authority of South Australia.
Trans-Australian Passenger Train
The Trans-Australian Passenger train ran between Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie. It began in 1917 and was eventually cancelled in 1991 following poor patronage and a severe cut back in the frequency of the service.

Trans-Australian, circa 1917 Initially it was all sleeping class with only irregular way side situp passenger accomodation being provided. In the 1960s regular situp was provided, but this was eventually withdrawn. Situp was again introduced in 1981 when it was added to the Trans-Australian and Indian Pacific services.

Trans-Australian with GM 1 and wooden cars, circa 1951 In 1983 the Trans-Australian was reduced from 4 to 3 services and the economy class sleeping cars were replaced by additional first class cars. Later the same year another Trans-Australian service was removed so that The Alice train could be inaugrated. The Trans-Australian was cut to a single weekly service on 9th February 1991, leaving Adelaide each Wednesday, but this was short lived as this service was cancelled later that year.

Trans-Australian Railway (T.A.R.)
First Express at 408 miles, 1917 This railway extendes from Port Pirie to Kalgoorlie. The first sod for the Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie section was turned on 14 September 1912 with the line being completed on 17th October 1917. An extention to Port Pirie was opened on 23 July 1937 when the South Australian Railways extended the line from Red Hill. It is standard gauge.
Tarcoola to Alice Springs Railway (T.A.S.)
Ghan logo on car side Tarcoola to Alice Springs Railway. Work commenced 12th April 1975 on a replacement for the narrow gauge track from Marree to Alice Springs. The new route, via Tarcoola, was opened in 1980. It is standard gauge.
Australian Nationals Traffic Information Management System (TIMS), was closely linked to a system for tracking wagons know as the "Wagon Maintenance System (WMS)".
Troop Train
A troop train on Port Augusta Wharf

During World War II special trains were run that carried only military troops. These were generically referred to as "Troop Trains".

Due to a shortage on rollingstock on the North Australia Railway and Trans-Australian Railway a number of cattle vans were converted to carry troops as part of this operation.

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