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Commissioner Webb's Pullman Carriages

Three carriages were puchased from the "Pullman Car & Manufacturing Company" of America in 1927. They consisted of one dining car and two sleeping cars with each vehicle costing £19,378. The Sleeping cars were Lot 6111 Plan 7143, 10 compartments, (being in the 71xx series of floor plans means that the cars were never to be operated by Pullman). Pullman had not built 10 compartment sleeping cars since 1914, so this was an unusual order. The structure and layout and fittings were the latest. The Dining cars were Lot 6112 Plan 7144.[ah]

As they were constructed from steel, and featured concrete floors for stability, they weighed 76.7 tonnes and ran on 6 wheel bogies.

The dining car was given the name "Adelaide" and only ran on the South Australian Railways section of The Overland.

The sleeping cars were called "Macedon" and Mount Lofty and ran the full The Overland service between Adelaide and Melbourne.


Adelaide Macedon Mount Lofty