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31.3.1986 Wando car Spencer street

Wando -- Sleeping Car 5

Victorian Railways wooden sleeping carriage, with a Clerestory roof, built to the same design as the cars used for The Overland. It was built in 1923 at Newport, by contractors Gaulton and party, for use on the Adelaide and Mildura lines. The provision of a tenth two berth cabin occupied the area used as the smoking saloon in the earlier cars. A weight of 41 tons 10 cwt, was recorded.All other dimensions, were identical with the Joint Stock Sleepers. A feature of the modified cars was the unequal length of the end vestibules. The one at the end where the tenth sleeping cabin, smoking saloon end of the "standard" cars, was 1 foot 9 inch longer than the other being 9 foot 5¼ inch long.

See also: Buchan.

14.9.1923Entered service.
29.3.1939Recoded to sleeping car No.5.
3.1953Fitted with auto couplers.
26.4.1971Brake van facilities fitted.
1984Original name returned when the "Train of Knowledge" vehicles were refurbished.
1.1990Withdrawn from service.
1990Allocate to AREA.
1994Allocated to Seymour Loco Group.
2017Reallocated to "707 Operations".
17.6.2017Move from "Seymour to Newport".