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V&SAR Joint Stock Steel Sleeping Car

Keswick - Purpawi car - 16.12.1994

Purpawi -- JRA 4 -- RZEY 4

V&SAR Joint Stock corten steel roomette sleeping car Purpawi was built at the South Australian Railways Islington Workshops for use on "The Overland".

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See also: Purpawi (BJ 7)

26.6.1955Entered service named Purpawi. [rrc]
25.9.1970Converted from independant to head-end power. [rrc]
10.12.1986TIMS/WMS: passenger car "PURP  P" alteration complete: "remove retaining cup & glass clips and plate pegs from cupboards in conductor"s compartment. "overland" joint stock cars. (RS4172)".
17.12.1986TIMS/WMS: passenger car "PURP  P" alteration complete: "apply check letter to class & number of approximately 443 locomotives, passenger cars and rail cars. Classify Overland sleeping cars. (RS4173)".
1987Given the computer code "JRA-4".
19.03.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "PURP  P" alteration complete: "installation of emergency key boxes to passenger cars. (RS4190)".
26.08.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "PURP  P" alteration: "modify air conditioning intake filters and frames (primary and secondary) on stainless steel and carbon steel passenger cars. (RS4213)".
19.11.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "PURP  P" alteration complete: "delete all exterior "V & ANR" lettering from overland rollingstock. All Overland rollingstock. (RS4241)".
26.11.1987TIMS/WMS: Reclassified from passenger car "PURP  P" to passenger car "JRA 4 Q".
26.07.1995TIMS/WMS: shows passenger car "JRA 4 Q" as having repair "scrapped".
12.1995Written off and Sold to "International Development Services".
30.5.1997TIMS/WMS: shows passenger car "JRA 4 Q" in AN "Mainland Division".
Owner:"AN &V/LINE"
Length Over Headstocks:"22.9m"
Tare Weight:"52tonne"
Current Gauge:"Broad"
Gauge Restrictions:"B"
Bogie Configuration:"2X2"
Date Built:"01.01.1950"
Operating System:"AN & V/LINE "
Intended Use:"Passengers"
Remarks:"Roomette 1st Class. Named " PURPAUI""
6.1998Sold to West Coast Railway.
3.2004Offered for Sale by Tender along with a large number of vehicles owned by West Coast Railway. It is currently fitted with unmodified Harris bogies, incomplete - no brake gear.
2004Sold to Australian Loco & Railway Carriage Company [cp 1.2005].
11.2007Registered for traffic after conversion to crew car "RZEY 4" by BlueBird Rail Operations[artc]