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Nomuldi Nomuldi

Nomuldi -- JTA 1

V&SAR Joint Stock corten steel twinette sleeping car Nomuldi was built at the South Australian Railways Islington Workshops for use on "The Overland".

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Allambi, Chalaki, Dorai, Juki, Kuldalai, Malkari, Mokai, Mururi, Nankuri, Paiti, Purpawi, Tantini, Tarkinji, Tawarri, Weroni, Yankai, Yanni.

See also: Nomuldi (Club  2).

17.2.1951Entered service. [rrc]
23.9.1970Converted from independant to head-end power. [rrc]
10.12.1986TIMS/WMS: passenger car "NOMU  G" alteration complete: "remove retaining cup & glass clips and plate pegs from cupboards in conductor"s compartment. "overland" joint stock cars. (RS4172)".
17.12.1986TIMS/WMS: passenger car "NOMU  G" alteration complete: "apply check letter to class & number of approximately 443 locomotives, passenger cars and rail cars. Classify Overland sleeping cars. (RS4173)".
1987Given the computer code "JTA-1".
19.03.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "NOMU  G" alteration complete: "installation of emergency key boxes to passenger cars. (RS4190)".
11.09.1987Reclassified from passenger car "NOMU  G" to passenger car "JTA 1 Q".
19.11.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "JTA 1 Q" alteration complete: "delete all exterior "V & ANR" lettering from overland rollingstock. All Overland rollingstock. (RS4241)".
26.07.1995TIMS/WMS: shows passenger car "JTA 1 Q" as having repair "scrapped".
12.1995Written off and sold to "International Development Services".
30.5.1997TIMS/WMS: shows passenger car "JTA 1 Q" in AN "Mainland Division".
Owner:"AN &V/LINE"
Length Over Headstocks:"22.9m"
Tare Weight:"47.6tonne"
Current Gauge:"Standard"
Gauge Restrictions:"S"
Bogie Configuration:"2X2"
Date Built:"17.10.1957"
Operating System:"AN & V/LINE "
Intended Use:"Passengers"
Remarks:"Twinette; J.S AN-V/L. Named "NOMULDI"
6.1998Sold to West Coast Railway.
5.8.1998Forwarded to Melbourne.
3.2004Offered for Sale by Tender along with a large number of vehicles owned by West Coast Railway.
-Moved to a property at Pomonal near Halls Gap as it had been intedned to use the car as a B&B [sh].
2012The car was sold and it is inteded by the owenr to move it to Kyneton, Victoria. It is in original and very good condition and the owner has plans to repaint it back to Overland colours [sh].