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Kiewa -- Buffet Car 6

Built in 1909 as first class car "21 AE". It was withdrawn in early 1939, and after a conversion program, delayed by the war, emerged from Newport shops as restaurant car Kiewa (Buffet No.6) in 1955.

See also: Mann Boudoir Sleeping Car Kiewa, Moyne (Buffet car No. 7).

16.7.1909Entered service as 21 AE.
9.1939Withdrawn in 1939 for a conversion program that was delayed by the World War II.
19.9.1955Emerged from Newport shops as restaurant car Kiewa (Buffet No.6).
4.4.1959Restaurant Car service withdrawn.
11.1961Converted to sitting car "1 BG" by putting 32 seats in the former restaurant area.
30.10.1985Refurbished with new cloth upholstery, new carpet and painted in blue and gold.
19.12.1991Sent to Ballarat for converted to "Automatic safeworking project test car".
-Preserved at Seymour.