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V&SAR Joint Stock Wooden Sleeping Car

11.2012,kitchen dining area 11.2012,double bedroom with a single bed


V&SAR Joint stock wooden sleeping car Angas was built at the Victorian Railways Newport Workshops (by contractors Scott and party) for use on The Overland.

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Acheron, Baderloo, Barwon, Coliban, Dargo, Finniss, Glenelg, Inman, Loddon, Onkaparinga, Pekina, Tambo, Torrens.

25.9.1923Entered service.
6.1936Automatic couplers fitted.
4.1950Victorian Railways equity brought by South Australian Railways.
1953Exterior rebuild for use on the night train to Mount Gambier.
24.9.1976Burnt while in service on the night train to Mount Gambier. Not used in service after this date. Official Report: on 24th September, 1976 No.905 South East Passenger was delayed a total of 187 minutes account fire occuring in Sleeping Car "Angas". The delays occassioned were as follows: 36 minutes at No.2 Signal, Coonalpyn cutting out air brakes. Fire extinguishers from CD were utilised on wooden flooring which was chared and smoking. A further 15 minutes delay occured at Coonalpyn whilst boards were hosed down. No.905 again stopped at 242km between Banealla and Keith account fire occuring in the florring underneath the trailing end of Car "Angas". E.F.S. from Keith attended, and fire was extinguished at 4:40am. No.905 arrived at location at 2:24am, and departed at 4:03am :- 99 minute delay and 29 minute lost running, Banealla to Keith. Car "Angas" was detached at Keith, 23 minutes delay. Passengers from Car "Angas" were transferred to BD at 242km. There were no injuries. [sar CME1244/76]
27.9.1976Examined at Adelaide depot and it was found that the floor had caught fire about No.7 wheel. The brake block and shoe on No.7 wheel were found to be badly worn. The defective block and shoe were removed and forward to the Engineer of Tests, Islington [sar CME1244/76]
9.11.1976CME Report: The damage to the Angas sleeping car isconsiderable.... the vestibule interior is burnt out. It would require new lavatory and conductor's compartment, foor, doors, end and roof members. Side members on the car end of the doorway could be sound enough and not want replacement. Bunks, seats and carpet have been destroyed.

Compartments 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, have charred woodwork, paint burnt off ceiling sheets and considerable reworking of timber and replacements would be required to rehabilitate them.

The corridor... is similarly badly affected with charred woodwork, blinds and carpet damage, and paint burnt off metal ceiling sheets which are badly buckled.

Mirrors throughout the car with the exception of the last two bereths (17, 18, 19 and 20( are badly smoke stained and would need stripping and and resilvering.

Compartmnts 9 and 10, 11 and 12, 13 and 14, 15 and 16 are badly smoked stained on woodwork and ceilings and similarly the adjoining corridor.

The remainder of the car is free of damage.....a rough estimate of the cost of rehabilitating the car is in excess of $30,000. [sar CME1244/76]

8.8.1977Proposed to dispose of "Angas" and "Finniss" to Australian Railway Historical Society [sar CME1244/76]
9.9.1977Officially withdrawn from service and condemned. [sar CME1244/76]
14.12.1977Purchased by Australian Railway Historical Society (SA Division) for $500. [sar CME1244/76]
3.1995Australian Railway Historical Society approved disposal of carriage to "Kadina to Wallaroo Tourist Railway".
19.11.1995Transferred from Dry Creek to Kadina.
-Sold to Australian Train Movers, and transferred to Londonderry, NSW.
1.2011Delivered to Little Forest Country Cottages in the Southern Highlands, NSW.
11.2012Restored completed as B&B style accomodation.