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V&SAR Joint Stock Wooden Sleeping Car

31.3.1986 Acheron car Spencer street Acheron car Spencer street station

Acheron -- Sleeping Car 6

V&SAR Joint stock wooden sleeping car Acheron was built at the Victorian Railways Newport Workshops (by contractors Fowler and party) for use on The Overland.

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Angas, Baderloo, Barwon, Coliban, Dargo, Finniss, Glenelg, Inman, Loddon, Onkaparinga, Pekina, Tambo, Torrens.

31.8.1923Entered service.
6.1936Auto couplers fitted.
27.6.1969South Australian Railways equity brought by Victorian Railways.
4.9.1969Altered to "Sleeping car No. 6".
25.3.1971Shower and brakevan facilities fitted.
3.1972Modified as follows, air gauge and brake tap relocated from conductors compartment to saloon compartment; Hand rails fitted inside each door of the saloon compartment; Electric side and tail lamps fitted; Fly wire screens fitted to the window of sleeping compartments.
4.1980Lounge abolished and berth 1 and 2 enclosed.
1984Fitted with Spirit of Progress bogies.
5.1986Being used on the "Train of Knowledge".
1990Withdrawn and allocated to Seymour Loco Group.
2017Reallocated to "Victorian Goldfields Railway".
17.6.2017Move from "Seymour to Newport" .