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NTO Tanks wagons -- NTO 1173

Narrow gauge tank wagon, which were classified "NTO" and allocated road numbers 1173. It appears that thise wagon began life on the North Australia Railway as "NRC" flat wagon with road numbers 646. As this numbers had already been allocated to another wagon it was renumbered 1173.

NRC 646 -- NTO/NBP 1173 -- SB 2

-Flat wagon used on the North Australia Railway, (ex North Australia Railway renumbering).
16.3.1950Transfer to Port Augusta ex NAR. [cr_file 6897 Pt3]
4.8.1950Converted to "NTO 1173" shell oil tank for use onCentral Australia Railway.
28.12.1956Tank removed and place on new underframe to become "NTO 7993".
8.11.1957Underframe converted to "NBP" ballast plough at Port Augusta.
1962To the North Australia Railway.
-To Central Australia Railway.
13.11.1968To North Australia Railway[blc]
6.1976Sited on the Central Australia Railway[blc]
1976Reported as being sent to Tasmania.
5.1981Reported as being on Central Australia Railway despite earlier report of being sent to Tasmania.
15.12.1981Report of it actually entering service in Tasmania[blc]
22.12.1981Recoded "SB 1" air braked bogie ballast plough with through vacuum pipe[blc]