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NF Refrigerated van -- NF 1142 to 1143

Narrow gauge refrigerated vans, built for the Commonwealth of Australia Land Transport Board, which were classified "NF" and allocated road numbers 1142 and 1143.

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Narrow gauge refrigerated van.

1.9.1944Entered service as "NF" cool car on the .
-Converted to "NFB" refrigerated van.
4.6.1958Body destroyed[blc]
25.5.1959Converted to "NRC" 36 foot flat.
9.3.1964To North Australia Railway[blc]
29.10.1974To Central Australia Railway[blc]
2.1978Written off.

NF/NFB 1143

Narrow gauge refrigerated van.

16.9.1944Entered service as "NF" cool car on the .
29.9.1958Converted to "NFB" refrigerated van.
1958Body converted to portable ice container to be carried by "NRC 1175".
6.11.1970Written off[blc]