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Supplied Underframes

Westralia Ironworks Ltd of Rocky Bay, North Fremantle, Western Australia, supplied 8 x 65ft. underframes to the Commonwealth Railways at Kalgoorlie in 1913 for use on construction trains. Barbat and Sons of Ipswich, Queensland, supplied 8 similar underframes to the Port Augusta end of the line. These underframes were used under sleeping cars ARP 8 to 17, BRP 18 to 19, and Dining cars D 20 to 23.

The Barbat and Sons were initially used under the Port Augusta construction train and and the Westralia under the Kalgoorlie construction train.

The eight Westralia Ironworks Ltd underframes cost £300 each on rails Fremantle for Kalgoorlie.

The eight Barbat and Sons underframes cost £322 each delivered at Port Augusta. Total cost £4,976. [Commonwealth Railways report as at 30th June 1913. CPP 1913, No.18]