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Narrow Gauge No.260 0-4-0 Saddle Tank locomotive


This industrial type locomotive was purchased in 1911 by the Engineer-in-Chief's Department of South Australia to work on the Woakwima Range Main Drainage Channel, near Beachport in the South-East. When this work on the project ceased in 1916, the engine was transferred to the South Australian Railways, who numbered it 260 and sent it to their Northern Division.

Builder:Hudswell Clark & Co. - Leeds, England.
Number in Class:1
Wheel Arrangement:0-4-0 ST (B ST)
Driving Wheel Diameter:2 ft. 9½ in.
-Position on frame:Outside
-Diameter x stroke:10 in. x 16 in.
Heating Surface:Tubes:254 square feet
-Firebox:33 square feet
-Grate Area:5.6 square feet
Boiler Pressure:160 lbs p.s.i.
Tractive Effort:6,494 lbs
Coal Capacity:10 cwt
Water Capacity:390 gallons
Weight in Working Order:15 tons 18 cwt
Maximum Axle Load:7 tons 19 cwt
Length Overall:20 ft. 2¼ in.
Peterborough - loco 260


"Hudswell Clark" built 0-4-0 type narrow gauge saddle tank steam locomotive of the South Australian Railways. Builders No. 965.

1911Purchased new for Engineer-in-Chief's Department for South East Drainage Scheme, Beachport.. [nrm]
6.1916To South Australian Railways [nrm]
30.9.1916Entered service on South Australian Railways [nrm]
6.1936Condemned. [nrm]
-To South Australian Harbours Board [nrm]