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Narrow Gauge No.0 2-6-2 Tank locomotive


This locomotive was loaned to the South Australian Railways by the Broken Hill Proprietory Company in exchange for V Class No. 11. During the short time that this engine was in service with the South Australian Railways, this engine was given the number "0". Note: It was vary similar to a Y class engine.

Builder:Beyer Peacock, Manchester, England.
Number in Class:1
Wheel Arrangement:2-6-2 T (1′C1′T)
Driving Wheel Diameter:3 ft. 3¾ in.
-Position on frame:Outside
-Diameter x stroke:14½ in. x 20 in.
Heating Surface:Tubes:708.46 square feet
-Firebox:69.48 square feet
-Grate Area:13.67 square feet
Boiler Pressure:145 lbs p.s.i.
Tractive Effort:13,289 lbs
Weight in Working Order:34 tons
No 2 Preserved at Whyalla 1938,BHP No.2


"Beyer Peacock" built 2-6-2 type narrow gauge tank steam locomotive, builders No.3357, loaned to the South Australian Railways from Broken Hill Proprietory Company.

8.8.1891.Arrived ex ship "Port Jackson" at Port Adelaide. Assembled Islington new for B.H.P. Broken Hill. [nrm]
28.8.1891.Transferred to Broken Hill [nrm]
7.1892Entered service, on loan, as "No.0" on South Australian Railways [nrm]
3.1893Returned to Broken Hill Proprietory Company - To S.T.Co. on loan as No. 6 (First). [nrm]
9.1893To B.H.P. Broken Hill as No. 2. [nrm]
1902To Hummock Hill (later Whyalla), still as No. 2 B.H.P. [nrm]
4.1962Out of service. [nrm]
8.1962Placed on foreshore at Whyalla. [nrm]
1983Transferred to Mt. Laura Homestead [nrm]