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Car No.113


Two ordinary passenger cars were constructed at Islington during 1900 on sleeping car underframes. They become cars 113 and 114. Internally the cars were completely different from any of the other narrow gauge cars, having a staggered corridior with open saloons in the centre of the car.

113 -- Eye sight and hearing test car -- Baby Health car No.3

10.1900Composite lavatory bogie carriage issued to Northern system.
1908Fitted with electric light, compartments removed and longitudinal seating fitted. Toilets retained at each end. Seating capacity 51 second class.
1912Westinghouse brakes fitted.
1937Converted to eye sight and hearing test car.
1947Converted to broad gauge Baby Health car No.3 and given road number 499, painted red and cream. Fitted with standard bogies of the type used under the suburban end loading and Glenelg type cars. It was allocated to the Murray Bridge Division.