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  Sandfly? Probabily not. Brian Sneddon had the following to say about this photo - I am all but convinced that it is actually a photo of one of the Baldwins used on the Sorrento tramway in Victoria. There were two of these and I think they ended up on timber lines in Gippsland, finally being scrapped after the 1939 fires. The clues are the link and pin coupling and the backdrop which appears to be at a terminus high on the cliffs. It looks like it might be the Sorrento end rather than that at the ocean. There appears to be a pier below, and the shadowy hills on the skyline are the right shape for Arthurs Seat which is what you`ld see from there. LRRSA put out a book on this group of locos called something like `the saga of sandfly and the lost tribe`. (Fred Hercus collection) (Murray Billett Collection)

Photo file date: Thu Dec 26 2002 at 8:50:46pm

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