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NV Covered goods vans -- NV 585 to 586

Narrow gauge Covered goods van built, which were classified "NV" and allocated road numbers 585 through 586.

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585 586

8<sup>th</sup> October 1988,Quorn Pichi Richi Railway NX585 accident van 9<sup>th</sup> August 2002,Quorn - NX585 accident van

NV/NX 585

28.2.1927Entered service as "NV 585" covered goods van[blc]
12.1.1945Reserved for exclusive use of breakdown train.
4.12.1945Converted to "NX" breakdown van for Central Australia Railway.
2.1979On loan to Pichi Richi Railway from Australian National
1995Transferred to Pichi Richi Railway ownership

NV 586

8.3.1927Entered service as "NV 586" covered goods van[blc]
1.4.1960Overhaul for North Australia Railway - not sure if actually sent[blc]
30.5.1980Written off Central Australia Railway