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Leyland - titan truck

Leyland - titan truck

Leyland - titan truck Leyland rail car

To provide a passenger service on the North Australia Railway a Leyland Titan truck was converted to a railcar by order of the Army. The truck chassis had its rubber tyred wheels replaced by steel flanged ones and a bus-type body, with seating for twenty-five passengers, fitted. The alteration was done by Kent Engineering Co., and the body was built by J.W.George and Son, both located in Melbourne. It was placed in service during 1941 and was owned by the Army, but operated by railway staff. Following the end of the war, it appears to have be transferred to the Commonwealth Railways and used as a railcar.

Class:Leyland Titan

J.W. George and Sons, Melbourne.

Number in Class:1
Wheel Arrangement:1A
Length (over coupling points):24 ft. 9¼ in.
Total weight:4.4 tons
Fuel Capacity:24 gallons
Maximum Speed:30 mph
Remarks:26 passengers.

Leyland - titan truck

1941Entered service on North Australia Railway.
by 1954Withdrawn from service.