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Locomotive and Breakdown Cranes

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Loco Crane No.1 Loco Crane No.2 Breakdown Crane No.3 Breakdown Crane No.4 Steam Crane No.4165
Class:Loco Crane No.1Loco Crane No.2Breakdown Crane No.3Breakdown Crane No.4
Builder:Hudswell Clark and Co.Andrew Barclay, Kilmarnock, ScotlandRansoms and Rapier Ltd.J. Booth and Bros, Leeds, England
Number in Class:1111
Wheel Arrangement:0-4-0 T0-4-0 T0-8-00-8-0
Driving Wheel Diameter:3 ft.3½ in.3 ft. 5 in.3 ft. 3 in.3 ft. 3 in.
-Position on frame:OutsideOutside  
-Diameter x stroke:14 in. x 20 in.14 in. x 20 in.  
Boiler Pressure:160 lbs p.s.i.160 lbs p.s.i.120 lbs p.s.i.120 lbs p.s.i.
Tractive Effort:12,500 lbs13,000 lbs   
Coal Capacity:14 cwt7 cwt5 cwt5 cwt
Water Capacity:520 gallons750 gallons200 gallons200 gallons
Weight in Working Order:40 tons40 tons61 tons 18 cwt 1 qt61 tons 18 cwt 1 qt
Maximum Lift5 tons at 15 ft. radius5 ton and 14 ft. radius30 tons at 19 ft. radius30 tons at 18 ft. radius
Overall Length32 ft. 10 in.23 ft. 10 in.25 ft. 10 in.25 ft. 10 in.

Locomotive Crane (No.1) -- Crane 1

15.9.1913Entered service on the Western Australian Division. Built by Hudswell Clark and Co, builder No.1025.
3.4.1961,Port Augusta - Crane No.2

5 ton Steam Crane (No.2) -- Crane 2

2.1.1914Entered service on the Port Augusta Division. Built by Barclay and Co., Kilmarnock,builder No.1323
3<sup>rd</sup> February 1986,Steamcrane No.3 Homestead park Port Augusta

30 ton Steam Crane (No.3) -- Crane 2

16.2.1914Entered service on the Port Augusta Division. Built by Ransomes and Rapier Ltd, London.
-Allocated to Homestead Park, Port Augusta.

Breakdown Crane (No.4) -- Crane 4

12.7.1914Entered service on the Western Australian Division. Built by J.Booth and Bros, Leeds, England.

Steam Crane No.4165 -- Crane 4165

1890/91Built by Martin and Co - Robey and Co for the South Australian Railways as No.4165.
1.1.1911Transferred to the Commonwealth Railways with the handover of the North Australia Railway.