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NABPB Narrow Gauge Composite Sitting Car

Situp NABP 5, circa 1944 Situp NABP 5


1953,Darwin - Composite car NABP5 (G Bond Collection)

Composite class sitting car with longitudinal seating, divided into two compartments seating 17 first and 27 second class passengers, built Port Augusta workshops 1932. Sheeted in plywood, not vertical boarding as were earlier cars.

1932Entered service as "NABPB 5".
5.1932Arrived North Australia Railway.
-Recoded "NABP 5".
27.8.1947Damaged by fire.
2.8.1950Electric light fitted.
-Underframe used as flat wagon for North Australia Railway poison train consist. fitted with 1 x 1000 gallon and 1 x 1500 gallon tank. Coded "NTP 1"[blc]
20.12.1979Written off[blc]