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DC 94 DC 95 DC 100
DC class dining car interior, circa 1952

Wegmann air conditioned dining car, seated 48 passengers.

12.9.1997 Spencer Junction - DC94 DC94 interior - Taken at Spencer Junction on the 18.08.2002

DC 94 -- NDC 94

Wegmann air conditioned dining car.

15.11.1952Entered service.
29.7.1970Converted to narrow gauge "NDC 94" on 6 wheel bogies.
5.12.1973Reverted standard gauge and painted silver grey.
18.2.1974Converted to narrow gauge on 6 wheel bogies.
12.1980On last Ghan.
20.7.1982Converted to standard gauge and allocated to Port Augusta breakdown train.
1997Still in service on breakdown train.
1.7.1998To Australian Rail Track Corporation.
5.3.2011ARTC issued tender for sale of item.
DC 95 Port Pirie 12.9.1997 Port Pirie - DC95 offroad with cranes and truck

DC 95 -- NDC 95

Wegmann air conditioned dining car.

15.11.1952Entered service.
21.11.1969Converted to narrow gauge "NDC" on 6 wheel bogies.
19.9.1972To standard gauge.
7.9.1973Returned to narrow gauge.
12.1980On last Ghan.
30.6.1980Auxiliary tank replaced.
5.4.1987At Port Augusta, on standard gauge transfer bogies. Still coded "NDC".
-Eventually move to Port Pirie for storage.
12.09.97Transferred to private property at Port Pirie.
4.5.2000Moved from Port Pirie to Littlehampton for display at Platform 1 Heritage Farm Railway.
26.1.1996 Port Pirie Station - DC 100 dining car

DC 100

Wegmann air conditioned dining car.

21.5.1956Received Port Augusta.
1.8.1956Entered service.
26.1.1961Fire damaged at 231 miles on Trans-Australian Railway. New door, new concertina and end of car repainted.
1986In regular service on the Ghan.
27.8.1993Sent to Port Pirie Station Master.
-To Port Pirie Station Complex.