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ARA First Class Sleeping Cars

ARA 71 to 72

The Commonwealth Railways report of 1941/42 had this to say about these cars:

The construction of two first-class cars was commenced during the year. The cars, which are 76ft. 7in. in length, will embody a number of improvements, such as large single windows in each compartment (the windows being balanced, metal-framed and running on felt-lined channels), walnut flush panelling and improved seats with arm-rests and loose cushions. The car exteriors will present a smooth finish, waterproof ply wood being used instead of Tounge and Groove sheathing, and mouldings will be elimintaed wherever possible. The design of the cars is such that it will permit of air-conidtioning being readily installed without structural alterations.

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24.2.2005,Peterborough - Steamtown - ARA71

ARA 71 -- NARA 71

First class side corridor sleeping car of wooden construction, sleeps 20. Built at the Port Augusta Workshop of the Commonwealth Railways.

4.8.1944Entered service.
11.2.1953Fitted with Stones Air conditioning and modernised.
14.4.1961Converted to narrow gauge, recoded "NARA 71".
12.1980On last Ghan.
22.5.1982Written off.
23.4.1983Delivered to Steamtown Peterborough. Used for members accomodation.
ARA 72 at MacDonnell Siding 16.9.1990

ARA 72 -- NARA 72

First class sleeping car of wooden construction. Sleeps 20 persons in ten twin berth compartments. Constructed by the Commonwealth Railways at their Port Augusta Workshop

15.9.1944Entered service.
6.5.1953Modernised and airconditioned.
11.5.1965Overhauled, interior and exterior panels renewed. Transferred to the narrow gauge Ghan service as "NARA 72".
12.1980On last Ghan.
22.5.1982Written off.
-Sold to Ghan Preservation Society, Alice Springs.